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Q. Who will be attending the Summit?

The Summit will be attended by Heads of State and Government, other government delegates and representatives from each of the nine Major Groups identified in Agenda 21: women, local authorities, farmers, the science and technology community, business, youth, workers and indigenous people and NGOs.

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Q. How many people are you expecting to attend?

It is not yet known how many people will attend the actual Summit. However, for logistical purposes, the South African hosts have estimated that approximately 60,000 people might be in Johannesburg at the time of the Summit, including the official delegates to the Summit itself and a significant number of additional people attending events associated with the Summit, such as the civil society Global Forum and the Ubuntu village and exhibition. There is also expected to be a significant media presence.

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Q. How can my organisation be accredited to attend the Summit?

The deadline for applications by organisations wishing to be accredited to the Summit has now closed.

Once accredited, non-governmental actors can send representatives to the PrepComs and to the Summit. Accredited organisations do however need to pre-register to inform the Summit Secretariat that they are participating.

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Q. What about media accreditation?

Media accreditation forms for both the Summit and the final Preparatory Committee meeting in Bali are now available. Click here for more information on media accreditation and other logistical information for journalists.

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Q. I am interested in sustainable development and would like to attend the Summit. How can I become involved in this inter-governmental meeting?

You can come to the Summit if you are part of your national delegation or if you represent an accredited organisation within one of the Major Groups. To find out about accreditation and pre-registration of major groups, click here. For a full list of organisations that have been accredited, click here.

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Q: How do delegates from governments and intergovernmental organisations become accredited to the Summit?

For full information on accredition for government delegates, click here, and for Intergovernmental Organisations and Specialised Agencies, click here.

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Q: Are there registration fees for the Johannesburg Summit?

No. The United Nations does not charge a registration fee. Some of the parallel events that are taking place in Johannesburg at the same time as the Summit are charging their own registration fee. You should contact the organisers of those events direct for details. For more information about parallel events, click here .

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