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Q. What are 'side events'?

A. Side events are events that take place in the margins of official inter-governmental meetings, organised for the purpose of sharing experiences and increasing opportunities for dialogue among the official meeting's participants. A number of side events coordinated by the UN are being held during the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) meetings. Side events will also be held inside the Sandton Convention Centre throughout the duration of the Summit. If you want to know more about individual events, please contact the organisers direct. New guidelines and an application form for prospective organisers are now available. Click here.

For more information, contact the side events team in the Summit Secretariat by email at: wssdsideevents@un.org

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Q. What are 'parallel events' and who is organising them?

Around the time of the Summit, a number of additional events - known as parallel events - will take place in the Johannesburg area. These events are being convened and managed by organisations or groups that are independent of the United Nations and the Summit itself.

The Johannesburg World Summit Company (JOWSCO) - a non-profit company that is wholly owned by the South African government and which was established to manage logistical operations on behalf of the Summit's host nation - is coordinating logistics for these parallel events. Click here for more information on parallel events or contact JOWSCO at: queries@wssd2002.com

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Q. Is there going to be an exhibition at the Summit?

There will actually be two exhibitions associated with the Summit, the Ubuntu Exhibition and the "virtual exhibition".

The Ubuntu Exhibition will be held at the Wanderers Stadium (by the Ubuntu Village) in Johannesburg inside "Tensile 1", the largest moveable event venue in the world. With 11,000 square metres of covered space, it will provide a home to the International Best Practice Exhibition and many leisure and entertainment facilities. This exhibition is being managed by the Johannesburg World Summit Company (JOWSCO) on behalf of the South African Government.

For more information on the Ubuntu Exhibition, including information about how you can be an exhibitor, visit the JOWSCO website.

The virtual exhibition will be a multi-media showcase of sustainable development initiatives from all around the world, available 24 hours a day on a dedicated website. It will be displayed on screens at the Johannesburg Summit and at some of the parallel events taking place in the city at that time. The exhibition will incorporate information about successful partnership initiatives from around the world, including video presentations and photographs. It will also provide the opportunity for people working on sustainable development projects in the field to interact directly with Summit delegates through live webcast links.

The virtual exhibition will bring experience from around the world directly to the attention of the delegates who are negotiating the Summit's outcomes, and in return provides a window to the world of activity inside the Conference Centre. The project is being managed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Business Action for Sustainable Development (BASD). For more information and an on-line application form, visit: http://www.virtualexhibit.net

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Q. What other events are being held in Johannesburg at the time of the Summit?

There are a number of parallel events associated with the Summit taking place in Johannesburg at the same time. For more information, click here.

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Q. Who is organising events in Johannesburg associated with the Summit?

The United Nations is responsible for organising the Summit and for organizing and coordinating other events being held in the Sandton Convention Centre.

JOWSCO is organising the Ubuntu Village and the Ubuntu Exhibition and is also providing logistical support for other parallel events being held in Johannesburg around the same time, on behalf of the South African government. Each of these parallel events has its own independent organiser. Please click here for details.

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Q. How can I become involved in the events in Johannesburg?

If you want to attend the Summit, you need to belong to your government's delegation or to an accredited organisation and pre-register through them to attend. People wishing to attend side events inside the Sandton Convention Centre will also need to be accredited to the Summit.

For full information on accredition for government delegates, click here, and for Intergovernmental Organisations and Specialised Agencies, click here. The deadline for accreditation of new major groups to the process has now passed. For more information on pre-registration of major groups, click here or send an email to 2002participation@un.org

If you want to organise a side event in the Sandton Convention Centre during the Summit, click here for more information. The list of side events will be posted on this website as soon as it is available. If you want to know more about individual events, please contact the organisers direct.

If you want to be involved with one of the parallel events, such as the Ubuntu Village, the Ubuntu Exhibition, the civil society Global Forum, Business Day, the Local Government Forum or Aspiration and Reality: Building Sustainability, you should contact the organisers direct. Click here for more information or visit the JOWSCO website.

If you want to organise your own event in Johannesburg associated with the Summit, you should contact JOWSCO so that they can coordinate the logistical arrangements (such as helping you to identify a suitable venue and organise any transportation needs required for your event). Click here for more information.

If you want to attend the Summit as a representative of the media, click here.

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