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Joahannesburg Summit 2002

Logistical arrangements for the Summit

Logistical organization of the Summit within South Africa is being managed by the Johannesburg World Summit Company (JOWSCO), on behalf of the Government of South Africa. For information or inquiries about activities at the NGO forum or about any logistical issues related to the Summit, visit the JOWSCO website: www.joburgsummit2002.com

Travel arrangements should be made by participants. Over 50 airlines fly to Johannesburg International Airport. Shuttle buses will carry participants to and from the airport, major hotels and the Summit venues.

JOWSCO, in collaboration with the Johannesburg hospitality industry, has arranged for a limited number of reasonably priced accommodations in and around the city. For information on reserving accommodation, visit the JOWSCO website.

For information on the South African Government's national perspective on the Summit, please visit the following websites:
For information about measures being taken to minimise the adverse environmental impact of the Summit on the city of Johannesburg, please refer to "Greening the WSSD" brochure.

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