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101 Ways to Sustainable Development

Description of this Initiative

National ‘preparatory committees’ will invite their national stakeholders to nominate local sustainable development activities for selection as the one that has brought the most successful results in that country. The national finalists and winners will be listed for notice at regional and global preparatory meetings, posted on the Summit website, and honored and publicized at the Summit meeting.

Policy changes, local projects, community partnerships, media campaigns, school programs and other efforts will be eligible for nomination by national and local authorities, NGOs, professional associations, media outlets, schools and teachers and individuals. National preparatory committees will select finalists and one winner in each country, using the following criteria:
  • Does the activity focus on specific objectives of Agenda 21?
  • Does it include objectives, targets and outcomes in the three dimensions of sustainability (economic, social and environmental)?
  • Does it show tangible results?
  • Is it participatory in design and implementation?
  • Does it demonstrate an element of innovative cooperation?
The selection process will contribute to the country's national assessment by spotlighting useful projects, identifying innovative ways that have been found to implement Agenda 21 for sharing elsewhere, and promoting new partnerships among disparate groups. Detailed descriptions of national winners and their projects will be collected into one publication for distribution to regional and global preparatory conferences. This will facilitate the sharing of successful practices worldwide, generate hope where it may be needed, and demonstrate the way that international co-operation can be mobilized in support of national efforts. Some project leaders or initiators of the winning activities may be invited to regional preparatory conferences, or to the main 2002 event, and a special exhibit or presentation of the collection of 101 Ways is being considered.

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