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Country Profiles are based on information submitted to the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) in national reports.

The intent of Country Profiles is to:
  • Help countries monitor their own progress;
  • Share experiences and information with others;
  • Serve as institutional memory to track and record national actions undertaken to implement Agenda 21.

IThe CSD Secretariat published the first Country Profiles series in 1997 for the five-year review of the Earth Summit (UNCED). Now a second series of Country Profiles is being published on the occasion of the Johannesburg Summit. Each profile covers all 40 chapters of Agenda 21, as well as those issues that have been separately addressed by the CSD since 1997, including trade, energy, transport, sustainable tourism and industry.

The 2002 Country Profiles series provides the most comprehensive overview of the status of implementation of Agenda 21 at the national level to date. Each Country Profile is based on information updated from that contained in the national reports submitted annually by governments.

For more information and copies of the Country Profiles, click here.

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