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National Activities Related to the Johannesburg Summit: Follow-up

In 2001 countries were invited by the United Nations to undertake a range of initiatives to increase public awareness of sustainable development issues at the national level. These are Children's Agenda 21 Poster Competition; Sustainable Development Visions; and, 101 Ways to Sustainable Development. In addition, countries have also been encouraged to develop National Progression Targets.

A number of countries have commenced or completed a national activity on one or more of the above initiatives. In order to assist the UN Summit Secretariat plan the promotion of the results of these activities countries are invited to advise the Secretariat by 1 March 2002 on:
  • Progress on the above activities that have previously been reported to the Secretariat; or,
  • New activities that have been commenced and not yet reported to the Secretariat.
Winning entries of the Children's Agenda 21 Poster Competition; Sustainable Development Visions; and 101 Ways to Sustainable Development should be submitted to the Secretariat by 1 May 2002 with information on the processes used in their national activities, short biographical/information notes, as well as photos on the artists, authors and organisations involved, wherever possible.

Winning entries of the 'Children's Agenda 21 Poster Competition' and 'Sustainable Development Visions' may also be used in South Africa in the events being planned by the host country.

Countries are also encouraged to promote their ' 101 Ways to Sustainable Development' in the Ubuntu Village Exhibition in Johannesburg that is being organised by the Johannesburg World Summit Company, JOWSCO, on behalf of the South African Government. Refer to its website for more information www.joburgsummit2002.com.

Release of copyright
In consideration of its entry in "Children's Agenda 21 Poster Competition" and "Sustainable Development Visions," an artist or author submitting a poster or essay ("Entrant") to the United Nations or the Johannesburg World Summit Company (JOWSCO), or the Entrant, acting through his or her parent, custodian or guardian, as the case may be, thereby assigns to the United Nations all his/her right title and interest in the poster or essay submitted by the Entrant.

The United Nations may use and/ or reproduce, in whole or in part, the Entrant's work in any publications, exhibitions or promotions.

The United Nations may also use the Entrant's name and likeness in connection with "Children's Agenda 21 Poster Competition," "Sustainable Development Visions" and the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

It is understood that the poster or essay submitted is the Entrant's original work, has not been derived from any other copyrighted or similarly protected work, and has never before been copyrighted or published.

For further information contact:

Ms Fabiola Knight Secretariat for the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development Two United Nations Plaza, Room DC2-2241A New York, N. Y. 10017 USA
Tel: 212 963 4364/ Fax: 212 963 4260
E mail: dsd@un.org

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