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Joahannesburg Summit 2002
Sustainable Development in Action
[Project proposals where the organisers are looking for partners and/or funding are highlighted in red]

Cluster Agriculture / Food Security / Rural Development     Updated: 22/01/03

Leading Partner

Type 2 Partnerships/Initiatives

ISSER/Physicians for Social Responsibility
Cluster An Integrative Approach to Organic Agriculture: Social, Environmental and Economic Challenges, Benefits and Opportunities

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)
Cluster Biofortified Crops for Improved Human Nutrition

Links: Health ¦ Science

tbc Cluster Capacity development for improved agriculture and the management of natural resources in the drylands of the world

Stakeholder Forum
Cluster ECOAGRICULTURE: Promoting Land Use Systems that Increase Agricultural productivity, Ecosystem Services, and Biodiversity

SUDERATA (Tanzania)
North South Initiative e.V., (Germany)
Cluster Enterprise of Trust - Economic Welfare in Rural Areas through the Use of Renewable Energies

Links: Energy

The Popular Coalition to Eradicate Hunger and Pverty
(IFAD. Rome)
Cluster Land Alliances for National Development (LAND)

Links: capacity-building

Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Australia (AFFA) Cluster Landcare - Sustainable Land Management
CGIAR - centers Cluster Partnership between the Belgian Government, Belgian Scientific institutions, the CGIAR centres and Southern Partners in the promotion of agricultural research for development

Links: Education ¦ Science

International Center for Research in Agroforestry, Southeast Asia Regional Programme (ICRAF-SEA)
(Bogor, Indonesia)
Cluster Partnership on the Program for Developing Mechanisms to Reward the Upland Poor in Asia for Environmental Services they Provide (RUPES)

Agropolis (France)
GFAR Secretariat (Rome)
Cluster Promoting Sustainable Development in Southern Agricultural research Systems

Links: Education¦ Science

Cluster Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) Partnership Initiative

Links: Technology Transfer ¦ Mountains

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) Cluster Unlocking Genetic diversity in Crops for the Resource-Poor

Links: Science ¦ Tranfer of technology

Association ABEL GRANIER
Cluster Vocational Education in Agriculture for the Environment

Links: Desertification ¦ capacity-building¦ Technology Transfer

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) Cluster Water and Food

Links: Health¦Technology Transfer ¦ Freshwater

Directorate General for Development Cooperation
Link  A Network of Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS) toward the sustainable use of plant diversity in the SADC region

Cluster: SD Initiatives for Africa
Links: Biodiversity¦ Technology Transfer

Link Andean-Amazonian Bio-Business Contest

Cluster: Finance
Links: Biodiversity ¦ trade

Governments of Japan, Indonesia, CIFOR, TNC
Link Asia Forest Partnership

Cluster: Forest
Links: Trade

UNCTAD, Geneva Link Bio-Trade Facilitation Programme for Biodiversity Products and Services (BTFP)

Cluster: Trade
Links: Biodiversity

The Australian Association of Yoga in Daily Life
(Sydney, Australia)
Link Desert Rainwater Harvesting Initiative

Cluster: Freshwater
Links: Desertification

UNIDO Link Development Strategies to Promote Rural Energy Systems

Cluster: Energy

ITTO and others
(submitted by French Government)
Link  Forest Management and Conservation in the Congo Basin

Cluster: SD Initiatives for Africa
Links: Biodiversity¦ Forest ¦ Trade

(Rome, Italy)
Link Global Conservation Trust

Cluster: Biodiversity
Links: Finance

CIRAD Research Institute
(Montpellier, France)
Link Modern Biomass Technology for Rural Energy Needs

Cluster: Energy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Link NERICA (New Rice for Africa) Dissemination for Food Security in Africa

Cluster: SD Initiatives for Africa

WHO and FAO Link Nutrition and Sustainable Development

Cluster: Health & SD

Asia Pacific Regional Technology Centre (APRTC)
(Thailand) with CropLife International
Link Promoting Capacity Building for Sustainable Agriculture

Cluster: Capacity Building

East African Community Secretariat
(Arusha, Tanzania)
Swedish International Development Cooperation
(Stockholm, Sweden)
Link Promotion of Sustainable Development in the Lake Victoria Basin

Cluster: SD Initiatives for Africa
Links: biodiversity ¦ Science¦Education¦transfer of technology ¦ Freshwater

APO Secretariat, Japan,
Government of Japan, National Productivity organizations
Link Regional Partnership for Poverty Alleviation and Environmental Protection through Green Productivity - Integrated Community Development and Clean Development Mechanism

Cluster: Changing unsustainable patterns of production and consumption
Links:Climate Change

French Government Link SIRMA: Water economy in irrigated Systems in North Africa

Cluster: SD Initiatives for Africa
Links: Freshwater ¦Science

(Harare, Zimbabwe)
Link Southern African Natural Products Trade Association (SANProTA)

Cluster: SD Initiatives for Africa
Links: Trade

The Global Mechanism of the UNCCD
Link Strategic Partnership for Mobilizing Civil Society to Combat Land Degradation and Poverty in Southern Africa

Links: desertification

Stakeholder Forum
Link Strengthening Multi-stakeholder research partnerships for irrigation and efficient water management

Cluster: Freshwater
Links: science

Directorate General for Development Cooperation
Link Sustainable Biotechnology and Agriculture in Africa

Cluster: SD Initiatives for Africa
Links: biodiversity ¦ science

UNDP, World LP Gas Association
(New York)
Link The LPG Challenge

Cluster: Energy

US Government Link Universal Flour Fortification Initiative

Cluster: Health & SD

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