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Joahannesburg Summit 2002
What's New

25/09/02 The Johannesburg Summit Test: What Will Change?
(Feature Story 41)

24/09/02 Electric Companies Join in Initiative to Bring Energy to Poorer Areas

23/09/02 UN Taking First Steps Toward Implementing Johannesburg Outcome
(Feature Story 40)

04/09/02 Summit Secretary-General Says Completed Negotiations Provide a Solid Foundation For Action
(Feature Story 39)

03/09/02 With a Sense of Urgency, Johannesburg Summit Sets an Action Agenda
(Feature Story 38)

03/09/02 Sweden Announces New Support for Initiatives to Strengthen Trade for Development

03/09/02 Johannesburg Water Dome Event Looks to Turn Summit Commitments into Action during International Year of Freshwater 2003

03/09/02 Summit Secretary-General Says Completed Negotiations Provide a Solid Foundation For Action
(Feature Story 37)

03/09/02 UN Secretary-General Calls for Change at Summit
(Feature Story 36)

02/09/02 Negotiations on Johannesburg Summit Action Plan Enters Final Phase
(Feature Story 35)

02/09/02 Summit Agreement on New Goal to Expand Access to Sanitation
(Feature Story 34)

01/09/02 Jordan and Israel Announce Project to Save Dead Sea
(Feature Story 33)

31/08/02 UNDP Equator Initiative Awards Ends with Surprise Announcement
(Feature Story 32)

31/08/02 Remaining Energy Issues Prove Difficult to Resolve
(Feature Story 31)

29/08/02 Plenary Sessions on Action Areas Conclude With Forward-Looking Proposals
(Feature Story 30)

29/08/02 Countries Commit to Major Partnership Initiatives on Water, Energy
(Feature Story 29)

29/08/02 Major Progress in Summit Talks on Finance and Trade
(Feature Story 28)

28/08/02 Johannesburg Summit Calls For Restoration of Fisheries by 2015

27/08/02 Significant Progress Made in Johannesburg Summit Negotiations
(Feature Story 27)

27/08/02 Senior Judges Agree to Strengthen Enforcement of Environment Laws
(Feature Story 26)

26/08/02 Johannesburg Summit Opens With Calls for Credible Action
(Feature Story 25)

25/08/02 Johannesburg Summit To Open Monday With Focus on Action
(Feature Story 24)

25/08/02 US Set to Commit Significant Resources for Partnerships Toward New Path for Development
(Feature Story 23)

24/08/02 UN, South African Flags Raised Over Sandton Conference Centre in Johannesburg
(Feature Story 22)
20/08/02 Mozambican Workers, Peasants and NGOs Promoting Civil Society's Contribution to Sustainable Development Agenda

19/08/02 Number of Delegates Surpasses Expectations, Underscoring Importance of Sustainable Development
(Feature Story 21)
19/08/02 UN Issues Factsheet on Finance and Trade Issues

16/08/02 Johannesburg Summit to be a Smoke-Free Zone

16/08/02 UNDP, GEF and World Bank Agree to Offset Environmental Impact On Johannesburg During Summit

16/08/02 Causes of Asian Brown Cloud Must Be Addressed by Johannesburg Summit

14/08/02 Replenishment of Global Environment Facility Seen as Major Success for Johannesburg Summit Process

12/08/02 Desai Urges Youth to Come to Johannesburg and Make a Difference

13/08/02 New UN Report Highlights Urgent Need to Address Damaging Trends
(Feature Story 20)

09/08/02 Virtual Exhibit at Johannesburg Summit to Provide Window on the World
(Feature Story 19)

09/08/02 Nordic Business Leaders and NGOs Adopt Sustainable Development Model

08/08/02 Secretary-General Calls on World Leaders to Signal Commitment to Sustainable Development by Attending Johannesburg Summit

08/08/02 Secretary-General Calls on World Leaders to Signal Commitment to Sustainable Development by Attending Johannesburg Summit

05/08/02 Desai To Promote Johannesburg Summit on Four-City Tour of US
(Feature Story 18)
18/07/02 Agreement on Johannesburg Outcome Seen as Within Reach Following South African-Led Discussions
(Feature Story 17)
09/07/02 Behind-the-Scene Efforts Seek to Bridge Differences Over Johannesburg Outcome: Summit Seen as Vital for Future of Multilateralism
(Feature Story 16)
09/07/02 South Africa to Convene Friends of the Chair Meeting to Help Speed Agreement on Johannesburg Outcome

Small Grants from GEF Go a Long Way for Bali Communities

15/06/02 Bali PrepCom Highlights Need for Stronger Political Leadership to Put Sustainable Development into Action
(Feature Story 15)
06/06/02 New UNDP Drive to Support Developing Country Efforts to Meet 2015 Millennium Development Goals
06/06/02 NGO Survey Shows 45 Countries Indicate Leader Will Attend Summit; 45 Others "Likely" to Attend
05/06/02 Host Country Recognized in Three-Nation Efforts to Preserve Wetlands
(Feature Story 14)
05/06/02 High-Level Push in Bali to Firm Up Sustainable Development Agenda
04/06/02 Developing Countries Take Initiative to Broaden Access to Water and Sanitation
03/06/02 New Style of Dialogue Among Major Stakeholders Holds Promise For Future Change in Global Negotiations
(Feature Story 13)
31/05/02 Implementation of Desertification Convention Seen as Key to Promoting Sustainable Development, Fighting Poverty in Drylands
29/05/02 European Union Backs Development of New Partnership Initiative on Water
(Feature Story 12)
27/05/02 Bali PrepCom Opens with Calls for Bolder Commitment to Action
(Feature Story 11)
22/05/02 UNDP's Equator Initiative To Spotlight Partnerships that Work
09/05/02 UN Secretary-General Names Five Key Areas Where Johannesburg Summit Can Make a Real Difference
(Feature Story 10)
09/05/02 Interest Building for Sustainable Development Partnership Agreements
(Feature Story 9)
09/05/02 PrepCom Chair Issues New "Action-Oriented Draft for Negotiations on Johannesburg Summit Implementation Programme
08/05/02 Energy Emerges as a Key Issue for Johannesburg
22/04/02 Earth Day Marked by Calls for Stronger Environmental Leadership
11/04/02 NGO Forum for Johannesburg Back on Track, Say Organizers
08/04/02 Interactive Effort to Link 'Real World' Projects and Summit Launched
05/04/02 Bali Next Stop for Johannesburg Summit Preparations
(Feature Story 8)
02/04/02 Enthusiasm and Some Concerns Voiced Over Partnership Proposals
(Feature Story 7)
02/04/02 Polar Partnership Promotes Sustainable Development in Arctic
25/03/02 Building on Monterrey, Johannesburg Summit Preparations to Hammer Out Action Plan
(Feature Story 6)
25/03/02 Desai Tells PrepCom that Monterrey Success Brings Boost and New Challenges
15/03/02 Ministers' Message to Johannesburg Summit Calls for More Support to Sustainable Forestry Initiatives
14/03/02 Final Johannesburg Summit Prepcom Moved to Bali
11/03/02 Financing Conference Could Provide Big Boost For Sustainable Development
04/03/02 Support for Measures to Curtail Illegal Logging Trade Voiced at UN Forum on Forests
26/02/02 US Environmentalists Urge President Bush to Attend Johannesburg Summit
26/02/02 Greening the Summit: Plans Emerge to Put Sustainable Development into Practice
15/02/02 Small but Forward Steps Taken at Cartagena to Bolster International Environmental Governance
15/02/02 Roundtable Looks Toward Globalization's "Other" Problems
08/02/02 Action Agenda Comes Into Sharp Focus as Prepcom II Concludes
(Feature Story 5)
06/02/02 Concept of Sustainable Development Still Eludes Most Media
04/02/02 Worldwatch Institute Report Finds Meager Response to Pressing Needs
04/02/02 South Africa Sees Progress on Summit Logistics and Negotiations
31/01/02 NGOs Call for Greater Corporate Accountability at Johannesburg
30/01/02 Mining Industry Looks to Retool for Sustainable Development
29/01/02 Need for Action on Water and Sanitation Agenda Pressed
28/01/02 Wanted: Commitments and Action on Sustainable Development
(Feature Story 4)
28/01/02 With Soil From Everywhere, Mandala Shows that We're All Connected
28/01/02 Ecotourism Year Seeks to Boost Rural Development
28/01/02 Search for Clean Transportation Alternatives to Coincide with "Car Free Day" in Bogotá, Colombia
21/01/02 Poverty and Environment Concerns Spur Efforts to Explore Energy Options
28/12/01 New Dates for the Summit Approved by GA
20/12/01 New Report from UN Secretary-General Outlines Vision for Building a Secure Future at Next Year's Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development
(Feature Story 3)
11/12/01 Launch of International Year of Mountain to Focus Attention on Highland Needs
11/12/01 Treaty to Halt Over-fishing of Oceans Takes Effect
07/12/01 Bonn Freshwater Conference Looks to Reduce Poverty and Promote Sustainable Development Through Better Water Management
03/12/01 Bonn Freshwater Meeting to Contribute to Action Agenda at Johannesburg Summit
(Feature Story 2)

16/11/01 UN Issues New Stamps on Climate Change
15/11/01 WTO Agreements in Doha Could Help Fight Poverty and Promote Sustainable Development Efforts
07/11/01 UNFPA Reports New Population Pressures on Development and Environment
30/10/01 Overcoming Obstacles to Sustainable Development Discussed by US Groups
29/10/01 Global Preparations for Johannesburg Advancing
26/10/01 Agenda Aimed at Generating Action Emerging for 2002 Johannesburg Summit(Feature Story 1)
23/10/01 Desai to Head Johannesburg 2002 Summit
18/10/01 African PrepCom Looks for Action to Promote Sustainable Development
10/10/01 Business Leaders Begin Organizing for Johannesburg
25/09/01 European Region Calls for Johannesburg Launch of New Initiative to Boost Sustainable Development
05/09/01 Indonesian Forum Explores Business Opportunities in Sustainable Development

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