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Joahannesburg Summit 2002
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Electric Companies Join in Initiative to Bring Energy to Poorer Areas
New York, 24 September— A ten year old organization of nine electric utilities in Japan, Europe and North America, the "e7," entered into a series of agreements with the United Nations and its agencies during the World Summit on Sustainable Development aimed at expanding access by the poor to electricity.
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Sweden Announces New Support for Initiatives to Strengthen Trade for Development
Johannesburg, 3 September — Sweden announced today that it would contribute $640,000 to UNCTAD for capacity building in developing countries on issues in international investment agreements.
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Johannesburg Water Dome Event Looks to Turn Summit Commitments into Action during International Year of Freshwater 2003
Johannesburg, 3 September— The strong commitments made at the World Summit on Sustainable Development to improve access to clean water and proper sanitation for millions of people around the world must be matched with concrete action, according to freshwater advocates meeting at the Water Dome in Johannesburg, and next year's International Year of Freshwater will provide a major opportunity to galvanize efforts.
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Johannesburg Summit Calls For Restoration of Fisheries by 2015
Johannesburg, 28 August— A provision calling for restoration of depleted fisheries not later than 2015 was agreed to by negotiators at the World Summit on Sustainable Development yesterday.
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Mozambican Workers, Peasants and NGOs Promoting Civil Society's Contribution to Sustainable Development Agenda
New York, 20 August— Mozambican peasants, workers, teachers, women, environment and development have joined together to form a nation-wide network to promote sustainable development at the national level and at the World Summit on Sustainable Development that starts later this month in Johannesburg.
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Johannesburg Summit to be a Smoke-Free Zone
New York, 16 August— No smoking will be allowed in the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg during the World Summit on Sustainable Development, according to United Nations officials.
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UNDP, GEF and World Bank Agree to Offset Environmental Impact On Johannesburg During Summit
New York, 16 August — In an effort to make the World Summit on Sustainable Development more sustainable itself, the United Nations Development Programme, the Global Environment Facility and the World Bank have announced that they would offset the environmental impact caused by the travel by their delegations.
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Causes of Asian Brown Cloud Must Be Addressed by Johannesburg Summit
New York, 16 August— The three-kilometre thick layer of haze that hangs over a wide expanse of territory covering South Asia to South East Asia is a direct result of the damaging development trends that the World Summit on Sustainable Development must help reverse, according to Summit Secretary-General Nitin Desai.
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Replenishment of Global Environment Facility Seen as Major Success for Johannesburg Summit Process
New York, 14 August—Johannesburg Summit Secretary-General Nitin Desai today called the $2.9 billion replenishment of the Global Environment Facility a positive indication that countries are serious about putting resources behind efforts to promote the plan that will emerge from the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg later this month.
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Desai Urges Youth to Come to Johannesburg and Make a Difference
New York, 12 August—Youth representatives will have a chance to make a major contribution at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg later this month, according to Summit Secretary-General Nitin Desai, and will have a seat at the meetings that shape action as well as the roundtables with Heads of State and Government.
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Nordic Business Leaders and NGOs Adopt Sustainable Development Model
New York, August 9— Well before venerable market indicators showed declining investor confidence in some regions amid a spate of reports of corporate mismanagement, a group of NGOs and CEOs were coming together this April in Copenhagen to figure out how to make sustainable development a part of their core business operations.
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Secretary-General Calls on World Leaders to Signal Commitment to Sustainable Development by Attending Johannesburg Summit
New York, 8 August— With less than a month before the start of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has sent world leaders a letter strongly encouraging their active participation at the Summit in Johannesburg.
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Agreement on Johannesburg Outcome Seen as Within Reach Following South African-Led Discussions
New York, 18 July— Prospects for resolving the outstanding differences over the outcome document for the World Summit on Sustainable Development next month have sharply improved after a special high-level meeting convened here yesterday at the request of South African President Thabo Mbeki as Chairman of the Summit.
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South Africa to Convene Friends of the Chair Meeting to Help Speed Agreement on Johannesburg Outcome
New York, 9 July—South African President Thabo Mbeki has invited 25 countries to serve as "Friends of the Chair" for the World Summit on Sustainable Development in an effort to find an approach that will help resolve the remaining differences and achieve a global consensus at the Summit. The group will hold its first meeting in New York on 17 July.
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Small Grants from GEF Go a Long Way for Bali Communities
Sumber Klampok, BALI, Indonesia— Past the terraced rice paddies and into the forest in the northwest corner of Bali, lies the village of Sumber Klampok, an unpretentious assortment of homes and fields that, until recently, many people wished was not there.
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New UNDP Drive to Support Developing Country Efforts to Meet 2015 Millennium Development Goals
6 June, BALI, Indonesia— Prepared to follow-up on the commitments made at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, the United Nations Development Programme tonight unveiled a new initiative, a platform to help developing countries build their own capacities for sustainable development, and meet the Millennium Development Goals.
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NGO Survey Shows 45 Countries Indicate Leader Will Attend Summit; 45 Others "Likely" to Attend
6 June, BALI, Indonesia— There are 45 countries that say their leader will attend the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg this August, and another 40 that say it is likely that their leaders will attend, according to an NGO survery released at the Bali PrepCom today.
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High-Level Push in Bali to Firm Up Sustainable Development Agenda
5 June, BALI, Indonesia— In the final phase of the final PrepCom for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, more than 100 ministers from around the world began three days of deliberations in Bali to generate high-level political commitments for action.
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Developing Countries Take Initiative to Broaden Access to Water and Sanitation
4 June, BALI, Indonesia— At the time South Africa ended apartheid and became a democracy in 1994, 14 million people out of a total population of 42 million lacked access to clean drinking water.
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Implementation of Desertification Convention Seen as Key to Promoting Sustainable Development, Fighting Poverty in Drylands
31 May, BALI, Indonesia— The dust blowing across China that assaulted Beijing this year went on to reach Japan and Korea, but it did not stop there: it continued on toward the west coast of North America, disrupting air travel and causing health problems.
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UNDP's Equator Initiative To Spotlight Partnerships that Work
22 May– Using the old ways and methods, there are indigenous people in the Amazon who can make natural rubber into a material that is virtually indistinguishable from leather. And now, models are parading skirts and handbags made of that mock-leather on runways in Paris, New York, and Rio.
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PrepCom Chair Issues New "Action-Oriented Draft for Negotiations on Johannesburg Summit Implementation Programme
9 May, New York-A comprehensive new proposal for an implementation plan that could be adopted at the World Summit on Sustainable Development has been issued by the Chairman of the Summit's Preparatory Committee.
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Energy Emerges as a Key Issue for Johannesburg
8 May 2002, New York – Beyond the debates over energy use and efficiency that have featured during the preparatory process for the World Summit on Sustainable Development is the fact that more than a third of the world's population does not have clean and affordable energy services.
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Earth Day Marked by Calls for Stronger Environmental Leadership
22 April, New York – The heat wave that engulfed New York the week before had snapped, and a cold rain fell as a group of celebrities, politicians, activists and business leaders marked the 32nd Earth Day in a soggy tent outside the United Nations.
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NGO Forum for Johannesburg Back on Track, Say Organizers
11 April, Johannesburg– Organizers of the NGO Forum for the World Summit on Sustainable Development say the disagreements between competing factions of South African civil society that were widely reported are behind them and they are now completing plans for the gathering, which will be one of the largest meetings ever of civil society.
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Interactive Effort to Link 'Real World' Projects and Summit Launched
8 April, New York– Whether they are working on a micro-hydro power project in Bolivia or a solar cooking project in Bangladesh, people working to implement sustainable development in any corner of the world will be able to be seen and heard at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg this August as a result of a new initiative launched by the United Nations Development Programme and Business Action for Sustainable Development at the Carriage House in New York.
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Polar Partnership Promotes Sustainable Development in Arctic
2 April, New York– It's a vast, cold region that might appear peripheral to most people who live in more moderate climates, but the residents of the Arctic have mobilized to make sure the world knows about the threats to sustainable development in their region.
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