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Joahannesburg Summit 2002
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Final Johannesburg Summit Prepcom Moved to Bali

12 March, New York– The site of the fourth and final preparatory meeting for the Johannesburg Summit has been moved from Jakarta to Bali, according to a statement issued by the Indonesian Mission to the United Nations.

The preparatory meeting, known as Prepcom IV, is still scheduled to take place from 27 May to 7 June, and will include high level ministerial participation. It will be the final preparatory meeting before governments, citizen groups and businesses gather in Johannesburg for the World Summit on Sustainable Development from 26 August to 4 September.

Johannesburg Summit Secretary-General Nitin Desai said that Indonesia has spared no effort in making the ministerial meeting a success, and that he expected the meeting in Bali to bring the world closer toward implementing an action-oriented sustainable development agenda.

Desai said, "Bali will be the last major opportunity before the Summit for ministers to shape the political declaration that Heads of State and Government will adopt in Johannesburg. Bali will be an important test where we will see how far countries will go toward committing themselves to change, to depart from business as usual, and to make our world a place that can meet the needs of people now and in generations yet to come."

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