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Joahannesburg Summit 2002
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04/09/02 World Summit declares "fault line" between rich and poor threatens prosperity, adopts broad measures to alleviate poverty, protect environment
Plenary - 17th meeting and Round-up
04/09/02 Sound management, investment in people, environmental stewardship crucial for development, U.S. Secretary of State tells summit
Plenary - 16th meeting
04/09/02 Final Summit round table discusses implementation, plan agriculture, regional integration, among other issues
03/09/02 World leaders stress importance of Regional cooperation as high-level segment of World Summit continues
Plenary - 15th meeting
03/09/02 Development assistance, trade protectionism among issues discussed in Third World Summit Round Table
03/09/02 Global humanitarian fund, financial institution reform, among issues at second Summit round table
03/09/02 World leaders stress shared responsibility, immediate action, as high-level segment of Johannesburg Summit continues
Plenary - 14th meeting
02/09/02 Political will, self-reliance highlighted as critical for implementing sustainable development at World Summit round table discussion
02/09/02 Solutions are understood -- will to implement them still missing, Belgium's Prime Minister tells Sustainable Development Summit
Plenary - 13th meeting
02/09/02 Initiative to grow Sustainable business in world's poorest countries announced at Johannesburg World Summit
02/09/02 'Responsibility' -- for each other, for planet -- embodies Summit's hopes, says Secretary-General, as Johannesburg's high-level segment begins
Plenary - 12th meeting
02/09/02 Summit historic opportunity to further business role in Sustainable development says Secretary-General in remarks to "Business Day" event
01/09/02 Agriculture, forestry, land reclamation among issues addressed in final partnership initiative announced at World Summit
31/08/02 Additional partnership initiatives announced in Johannesburg aimed at Summit's ecological impact, childhood lead poisoning
31/08/02 Itinerary of Secretary-General Kofi Annan in South Africa, 1 - 4 September
31/08/02 Worldwide marketing campaign to promote sustainability among partnership initiatives announced at Summit
30/08/02 Chemical hazard, environmental emergencies among issues addressed by partnership initiatives announced at Johannesburg Summit
30/08/02 Technological progress, adequate financing needed to implement Sustainable development, Johannesburg Summit told
Plenary - 11th meeting
30/08/02 Children, agriculture, building capacity in developing countries, among issues addressed at Sustainable Development Summit
Plenary - 10th meeting
29/08/02 Partnership initiatives announced at Sustainable Development Summit in Johannesburg
29/08/02 "Business as usual" not option for fighting poverty, environmental degradation in next decade, Summit on Sustainable Development told
Plenary - 9th meeting
29/08/02 Sustainable development Summit focuses on importance of Regional organizations in Summit follow-up
Plenary - 8th meeting
28/08/02 Renewable sources of energy, conservation, energy efficiency among issues raised, as Sustainable Development Summit continues
Plenary - 7th meeting
28/08/02 Providing safe drinking water, sanitation to 1 billion in next decade critical challenge for humanity, sustainable development Summit told Plenary - 6th meeting
27/08/02 Partnerships, finance, sustainable production and consumption patterns, among issues discussed, as Johannesburg Summit continues
Plenary - 5th meeting
27/0802 Agriculture subsidies, market access, support for small farmers among issues discussed at sustainable development Summit
Plenary - 4th meeting
26/0802 World's future could be irreparably undermined without immediate action on overuse of ressources, Johannesburg Summit told
Plenary - 3rd meeting
26/08/02 Society of wealthy islands surrounded by sea of poverty unsustainable says South Africa's President, opening Johannesburg World Summit Plenary - 1st and 2d meetings
24/08/02 World Summit on Sustainable Development meets in Johannesburg
8/06/02 Significant Progress Made at Bali PrepCom for Sustainable Development; Key Unresolved Issues Left for Johannesburg
8/06/02 After Two Weeks of Intense Negotiations, Bali Meeting Sends Implementation Plan to Johannesburg for Finalization [pdf]
7/06/02 Rights to Development, Healthy Environment Stressed as Bali Preparatory Meeting Concludes Ministerial Discussion
7/06/02 World Summit Political Declaration Should Contain Clear, Forceful, Comprehensive Commitment to Action, Preparatory Meeting Told
6/06/02 Importance of Promoting Partnerships to Foster Acquisition, Use of Modern Technology Highlighted in Bali Discussions
6/06/02 Partnership Initiatives Should Not Substitute For Government Commitments to Promote Sustainable Development, Speakers Stress
5/06/02 Lack of Funding, Access to Safe Water, Health Services Among Issues Highlighted at Bali Preparatory Meeting
5/06/02 High-Level Push in Bali to Firm Up Sustainable Development Commitments
5/06/02 Bali Preparatory Meeting Hears Call For Concrete Objectives, Precise Timelines to Generate Momentum For Action
5/06/02 Progress Will Depend on Actions by All Through Partnerships, Availability of Resources, Deputy Secretary-General Tells Bali Preparatory Meeting
4/06/02 Interdependence, Sustainability, Participation, Equity Suggested as Possible Key Elements for Summit's Political Declaration
4/06/02 Preparatory Committee Chairman Optimistic that Sustainable Development Implementation Plan will be Finalized in Bali
3/06/02 Financing, Trade, Launching of New Programmes Among Unresolved Issues as Sustainable Development Negotiations Continue
31/05/02 Speakers at Preparatory Meeting for Sustainable Development Summit Report on Progress in Negotiations
30/05/02 Good Progress made in Bali on Negotiation of Outcome document
30/05/02 Issue is Not Environment versus Development, but how to Integrate them, Secretary-General says -- [MS Word document]
29/05/02 Water should be at top of Johannesburg Agenda, Preparatory Meeting for Sustainable Development Conference Told
29/05/02 Views expressed on Role of Civil Society, Capacity-Building, Partnerships as Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Concludes
28/05/02 Action plans for Water, Sanitation, Energy, Poverty Eradication among key issues under negotiation in Bali
27/05/02 Final Negotiations for Johannesburg Summit Open in Bali; Outcome Will Determine Action for Sustainable Future
27/05/02 Need for Good Governance, Democratization, Transparency, Equity Stressed as Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Begins [pdf]
27/05/02 Poverty Reduction, Sustainable Consumption, Environmental Protection must be addressed, Indonesian Minister tells Conference Preparatory Meeting [pdf]
26/05/02 Bali preparatory meeting for Sustainable Development Conference, opens with Flag-raising ceremony [pdf] -- [MS Word document]
26/05/02 Bali preparatory meeting for Sustainable Development Conference, opens with Flag-raising ceremony [pdf] -- [MS Word document]
24/05/02 Peparatory meeting for World Summit on Sustainable Development to be held in Bali, 27 May - June [pdf] -- [MS Word document]

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